ICG is Long Island’s “new” construction company with more than 30 years of experience. Owner George Nunnaro started ICG because no one else understood his need to deliver results with the meticulous attention to detail that he demands in everything he constructs. Hiring a construction company can be a process filled with anxiety and doubt since a sizable budget is usually involved. Hiring ICG means peace of mind, a smooth work process, and results beyond expectations! For George and his team, there is nothing more rewarding than making use of their passion for construction to transform a home, office space or even a medical facility into a functional space with a unique and personalized touch.

Any construction project is a long-term investment of both time and money. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or healthcare-based space, you need a room, office or medical facility that is built to your specifications. ICG’s long-term knowledge of the construction industry enables them to analyze your project from the very beginning and offer suggestions and guidance that will ensure that the building process affords the best possible project outcome.

Who Will You Work with on Your Project?

We’ve built a hand-picked team so that during every facet of the process you will see a familiar face. ICG is a family run business, so we know the importance of connecting with our customers and being available for any questions, site visits or other needs. From the moment you begin your project through to the end, you are assured cohesive and seamless communication.


Why Is Technique Important?

As the construction industry changes, so does the amount of technology that is available. ICG is a master at incorporating old world techniques with cutting edge applications and we believe that knowledge and appreciation of both are just as important to achieve optimal results.

ICG goes beyond “on-the-job” training and doesn’t hesitate to send members of the team to training seminars, certification classes, and provide other educational opportunities to keep everyone current on the latest standards.


Ask anyone at ICG where the majority of their new clients come from and they will tell you…from their satisfied customers.

Dream Job?

When you meet someone who is fortunate enough to work doing a job they love, you know they have immersed themselves in every detail of their chosen craft. George and his team enjoy meeting with prospective clients and providing them with in-depth knowledge, a complete analysis of the job at hand, timeline, and budget before the work even begins. This ensures that the outcome is a success for everyone and that the client has complete satisfaction with the finished product.


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