Commercial Property Maintenance

At Island Construction Group, we are here to help you save money while keeping your property up to date and maintained on a regular basis. All property requires regular maintenance, whether it be your home or place of business. It is our mission to provide customers with the most professional, proactive maintenance services, reducing the risk of unforeseen future expenditures that could have been prevented.

We’ve developed three maintenance packages, tailored to meet your specific needs while keeping costs within your budget. Our team of highly skilled and professional tradesmen will rapidly respond to any maintenance issue to keep your property both safe and in good working order.

Membership Fee: $250 + your first month's payment

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When signing up for a membership and choosing one of our comprehensive packages, you will benefit from reduced labor costs, saving as much as 30%-50% on service calls while keeping your property like new.

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Service Platinum Silver Bronze
Paint Service: scuffs, chips, markings X X X
Wall/Drywall Repair X X
Acoustical Ceiling Grid X
Ceiling Tile Replacement X X
Door Repairs X X
Smoke Detectors* X X X
Electrical Maintenance X X X
Bathroom Area Maintenance X X X
Air Conditioning X
Clean Guttering and Downpipes* X X
Clean and Seal Stone Tiling* X
Flooring Maintenance X
Roofing Maintenance X
Non-Emergency Service for General Maintenance X X

*Residential Only

platinum service icon

Platinum Package

Designed for properties over 2,500 sq ft that require complex maintenance work. A fully comprehensive package, focusing on both internal and external maintenance and upkeep. Includes all of the same services as our Silver and Bronze Packages, with the added bonus of a 24-hour emergency response time.

$600/mo for a 1-year contract

silver service icon

Silver Package

Ideal for smaller facilities and private properties less than 2,500 sq ft. Provides smaller property owners with a cost-effective, customized scope of options addressing your maintenance needs.

$450/mo for a 1-year contract

bronze service icon

Bronze Package

Covers the minimum requirement to successfully maintain any property. Perfect for low-maintenance properties that require less frequent servicing and offers a 48-72 hour turnaround time.

$350/mo for a 1-year contract

How Will You Benefit From Our Service Packages?

  • You will save money. By signing up for one of our service packages, your monthly payment ultimately reduces the cost of any emergency, reactive service significantly.
  • You will be protected. This proactive approach to keeping up with your maintenance needs prevents the need for significant, often pricey repairs in the future.
  • No unexpected fees. You will not have to worry about paying labor fees based on hours and incurring unnecessary charges.
  • You will save time. Trying to schedule different contractors to address your maintenance issues can be a hassle. Instead, you can simply email your orders to us, categorizing them as extremely urgent, moderate, or not urgent, and receive prioritized, professional turnaround service exactly when you need it.
  • You will cut costs on internal expenses. Without the necessity of employing a full-time maintenance staff, your bottom-line increases.
  • You are our top priority. We offer customizable services tailored to your specific location and needs. Because every business is different in size, structure, and focus, we offer three separate packages, providing you with the service you need at a price you can afford.