For hospitals and other highly regulated medical facilities, the choice of building contractors is usually limited. ICG makes the selection process easy. ICG wins the majority of work they bid on due to their superior technical knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to perfection.

Medical construction requires a highly skilled team as there is no room for error. ICG meets those requirements and more as they continue to add technical certifications to their work portfolio and make it a priority to keep them up-to-date.

Many times a healthcare facility will be fully operational while adding a state-of-the-art procedural area. ICG is thoroughly familiar with this process and works closely with the building management to provide a safe construction environment for all.

ICG is known for the ease in which they navigate the process of acquiring the necessary permits while communicating with local and state fire marshal’s and health department inspectors.


“In the medical industry, reputation is everything. Every time we work with ICG we know we get quality work that can stand the test of time and meet all of the local and state requirements.”

The Process

The goal of ICG is to be as least intrusive as possible during the construction process. Since ICG is a family owned business, they know that up front communication is key. They also know that transparency is very important, so any costs, changes or other information that could affect the project are always provided to you in a timely manner. From the bid process and onward, you will meet with the ICG team so they can gain a full understanding of the scope of work.

hospital& healthcare facility construction

Next, after consultation with your architect and other project partners, you will be provided with a clear and concise estimate that outlines all of the anticipated requirements, costs and timelines.

Lastly, the actual construction work begins with ICG keeping you completely informed of the progress along the way. With so many moving pieces, it gives any healthcare institution or business the peace of mind to know that all site work is being closely managed.

The Attention to Detail

ICG has unmatched attention to details, which is why many public and private healthcare facilities continually work with ICG when new construction projects arise. While George has been in the construction business for 30 plus years, it is working with hospitals and healthcare specialists that have become his passion. It’s a perfect environment to blend his meticulous attention to detail with the rigorous standards that must be met for any highly regulated, state-of-the-art building. ICG knows that these types of projects have defined budgets and usually can’t deviate from the original, approved scope of work.

Working with ICG you have the benefit of years of construction work coupled with knowledge of cutting-edge building techniques that can contribute to the overall success and on-time completion of your facility. Many times the challenge is to seamlessly add an addition into the existing campus of a hospital or medical building. The ICG team are experts in not only new construction, but also the challenges of re-positioning certain aspects of a current space or environment to allow for treatment rooms, offices or even full-size new buildings.

The Finished Product

ICG is always proud to deliver an outstanding finished product to its healthcare customers. From the start, the new space has to function at a high level and enable the institution or company to serve its patients with the highest level of care. ICG has never shied away from accountability and in fact, makes it their top priority!


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